Hello! I’m the guy behind Psychreg.
I grew up in a slum in the Philippines [click, then scroll for the sixth fridge].
I’ve lived in five countries, and changed my home address more times than I can remember.
In 2013, I moved to the UK.
People say I look way younger than my age – and I hear that very often.
Well, maybe I’m just lucky to have good genes, or maybe I’m just surrounded by liars!  
I don’t consume caffeinated drinks.
I’m a true-crime aficionado. 
I’m overly quiet. 
No, I am not shy.
No, I’m not stuck-up.
I’m just an introvert.
I’m an atheist; a staunch believer that you can be good without a sky daddy. 
Aside from religion, I’m also allergic to political correctness.

We’ve gone too far in our efforts to protect everyone’s feelings.
I’m a massive fan of Douglas Murray and Richard Dawkins.
I do what I love to do – and I do it obsessively.

I have my CV below, if you’re into that sort of thing.

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