I'm a blog psychologist and I'm the founder of Psychreg. I also write about mental health for various publications

I have been told that everyone has different passions – Mine is blogging, social media and mental health.

I passionately advocate the mental health benefits of blogging. This advocacy has led me to be invited to speak at various international events – and I'm keen to share more of what I know. 


Having spent my formative years in a slum in the Philippines (click the link and look for the sixth fridge), I developed a high threshold for squeamishness – grit and resilience are my greatest weapons.

I was a travel blogger in my early 20s, an experience which allowed me to see the world from different lenses. 

But as we grow old, our priorities and interests evolve, so after three years I relinquished my travel blog. I still remain a perpetual traveller though – I lived in 5 countries and visited 28, and I have changed my home address more times than I can remember (48 times, I think). 

In 2013, I found my new home: United Kingdom. I still consider it to be a far more egalitarian society than any other I’ve known, so I’m delighted to have been washed up here.


I read (even obsess over) biographies.

I'm overly quiet. No, I am not shy. No, I'm not stuck-up. I'm just an introvert. Put it bluntly, I prefer books than people.

I'm an atheist – and a staunch believer that we'd be better off without religion

I'd like to die in my sleep, dreaming that I was a castaway on Desert Island Discs. 


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