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Passionate About Blogging and Mental Health

I’ve been blogging since 2004. The trajectory of my blogging career began as a travel blogger, and then I transitioned into blogging about mental health.

My passion for blogging and mental health inspired me to launch Psychreg in 2014 – while I was doing my master’s degree in psychology at the University of Hertfordshire.

As a social entrepreneur and founder of Psychreg, I seek to promote the psychological benefits of blogging. This advocacy has led me to be invited to speak at events in different countries, and be featured on a number of media outlets. I’ve also been dubbed the world’s first blog psychologist.

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When Psychreg was launched in March 2014, it emerged as a directory of people who are interested in psychology – before moving on to become a dynamic platform it is now. Since then, a number of essays have been been published: Some feature contemporary trends within the field, and on some occasion, there are also pieces which convey opinions on a range of issues.