I'm a blog psychologist and I'm the founder of Psychreg.
Part of managing it is my simple mission of listing all the psychology blogs in the world. 

Having spent my formative years in a slum in the Philippines,
I developed a high threshold for squeamishness.
A perpetual traveller (and former travel blogger), I lived in 5 countries and visited 28.
I changed my home address more times than I can remember.
In 2013, however, I found my new home: United Kingdom.
I still consider it to be a far more egalitarian society than any other I’ve known,
so I’m delighted to have been washed up here.

People say I look way younger than my age – and I hear that very often.
It's either I'm lucky to have good genes, or I'm surrounded by liars.
I don't drink coffee. 
I read (even obsess over) biographies and true-crime stories.
I'm overly quiet. No, I am not shy. No, I'm not stuck-up. I'm just an introvert.

I'm an agnostic – and a staunch believer that we'd be better off without religion.
I'd like to die in my sleep, dreaming that I was a castaway on Desert Island Discs. 

Along the way, I discovered two passions: blogging and mental health.
I have my CV below, if that's what you came here for. 

You can connect with me on Twitter @DennisRelojo or on LinkedIn. You can see my published works on Google Scholar.

You can send me an email at dennis [dot] relojo [at] gmail [dot] com

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